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Chemo’s Unpredictability

This has not been a fun week for Jim.  Not only did he get his first Neulasta shot to help his blood levels, but the chemo seems to really be building up in his body.  Monday starts pill week, and Jim is already dreading it.  (He has one week on, one week off with the pills, and the infusions are once every three weeks.)  Last week was the best pill week yet.  It was actually better than the “off” week, the week before that.  I think one of the most frustrating things about this chemo for everyone is its unpredictability of how it will make Jim physically feel from week to week.

However, the good news.  Buy peanut commodities.  We are giving credit to the amount of peanut butter and toast Jim ate last week to take his pills for his 10 pound weight gain.  The most ever in one week!

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