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A Hard Three Weeks

This has been an incredibly hard three weeks.  The infusion the first week was worse than “normal.”  Then, the second week, he had to take chemo pills.  Well, at that point, his body was already so full of chemo that the reaction this time was his feet swelling.  On Monday, he thought his feet simply hurt.  We even asked the nurses about it at the doctor’s office when we went in for his CBC and hydration.  They assumed it was the normal neuropathy pain.  So, he walked on them too much causing grandular tissue to erupt from under the nail of one of his big toes.  (He just wanted to play with Sarah outside.)  For the next week and a half, he received a once or twice daily “pedicure,” including a 20 minute Epsom salt soak and me attacking him with q-tips and lotion.  But, aside from that and the obvious bathroom breaks, he was on his backside with his feet level with his hips. 

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned about how hard it’s gotten for Jim to eat.  No matter what I feed him, it burns afterwards (gastritis).  None of the cancer cookbooks I’ve read talk about how to treat this problem, and of course the problems they do mention are so minimal in Jim’s case as to not matter.  And most of the time I can’t give him cold foods since one of the chemo drugs causes an ultra sensitivity to anything cold and it causes a choking sensation.  I literally have hundreds of cookbooks, but I can’t find anything to feed him – so frustrating!  We will talk to the doctor about this today.  Hopefully, we will also be scheduling his CT and PET scans today for the beginning of November.

Oh, here’s the cake topper for this week.  Last Monday, we went to a dermatologist for Jim because a tiny black pin-head of a dot showed up, around the time he started taking steroids, on the bridge of his nose.  They took it off, sent it to an oncologist and now the oncologist wants more of the surrounding tissue, because the sample size was so small, to make a definative determination on whether it’s melanoma or not.  Come on, really?  (Insert big sigh here.)  So, Jim is going back to to have more removed next Monday.

We have only had our normal Jim back for the past three or four days.  And now I have to drive him this morning, to get his infusion.  Plus, the chemo pills start today too.  We have no idea what to expect, but we know it’s going to be bad.  Thank goodness Jim’s mom is here.  I know Jim just wants things to be normal, but sometimes I really need her backup to get him to relax and not push himself so hard.  Plus, she’s great with Sarah.

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