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CT Scan #3 Results

Yesterday morning Jim had his third CT scan.  At ten minutes till 6:00 pm, Dr. DeLeon called with the radiologist’s results.  He said (a few times) that it was a “wonderful report.”  There is no discernible cancer in his liver!  This is what we were hoping for and expecting, but thank you God for actually giving it to us.  His esophagus still shows an enlarged area, but it is smaller.  This kind of news really helps Jim know what he is going through is worth it.

Dr. DeLeon also saw Jim’s feet yesterday when Jim went in for his weekly CBC.  According to Jim, his immediate off-the-cuff response was, “That’s pretty bad.”  (I wish you could know Dr. DeLeon because this is actually really funny.  He is always so very careful with his words.)  The Xeloda chemo is not only causing his feet to swell, but it also is causing the skin on the bottom of his feet to peel off, in rather large pieces.  Dr. DeLeon had Jim put off taking the Xeloda by one week during his last infusion, and will probably do the same this time.  Jim will do whatever it takes, and not ask for a break, so I’m glad Dr. DeLeon is protecting him.

At 18 months old, Sarah came down with her very first cold on Halloween.  Once we figured out she had a temperature of 103, Jim’s parents and I scrambled to get Jim out of the house and over to the Barn.  (The Barn is actually a nice B&B Jim’s grandfather is renting for his family to come down and stay in anytime.)  Helen spent the night just in case Sarah was overwhelming.  But, in true Sarah fashion, she took her medicine and slept it off.  Jim couldn’t stay away, so he came back the next afternoon.  😉

Update on Jim’s nose – more good news.  The dermatologist didn’t know what caused the little black dot, but it didn’t spread, so it wasn’t cancerous.  Yea!

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