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On Monday, we were surprised when Dr. DeLeon said he wanted Jim to have another endoscopy, and even more surprised when the surgen’s nurse called us that day to set up the pre-op consultation for Thursday.  We had assumed it would be after the PET scan in December.  He wants to know whether or not the enlarged area of Jim’s esophagus, which did not shrink from the August CT scan to the one a week and a half ago, is scar tissue or cancer.  And apparently he wants to know now.  This is incredibly exciting and scary.  However, the CT report said some of his lymph nodes are still shrinking, so there is still definately some cancer that still needs chemo.

Jim is now taking 6 Xeloda per day, down from 8.  But, it’s because he is so full of it (snicker 🙂 ) that adding too much at this point could allow an infection in his feet.

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  1. Charlotte Matthews
    November 10, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Our prayers are with all of you.
    Charlotte Matthews

  2. Patty
    November 11, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Oh Beckie,
    What a thrill that the liver is clear. We are praying mightily that the area in the esophagus is just scar tissue. Please, please give Jim a hug for us and tell him that even though we don’t know him well, we just love him!!!! ( :
    Also, if you need help with something, please call us. We as well as many others are here for you.
    We love you,
    Harry and Patty Carpenter

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