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First Endoscopy Since Diagnosis

It is good news, but it’s not the best news.  After the endoscopy this morning, Dr. Love came in to show us pictures.  The picture that really counted showed “possible small amount (1 – 2 cm) of residual mucosal disease.”  That is down significantly from the original 10 cm tumor.  Of course, we wanted it gone.  However, Jim wasn’t completely surprised because he could still taste one of the medications the nurses use to clean out his port.  Apparently, some people with gastric-area cancers can taste this medication when there is a tumor present.

Dr. Love took several biopsies of the suspicious tissue.  We should have the results back by Friday.  And we will have a nice chat with Dr. DeLeon on Monday.

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  1. Amanda Heffley
    November 17, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Beckie –

    This is just what I was hoping for! Thank you for giving us a site where we can follow what yall are going through. I know we haven’t seen you since the diagnosis, not for lack of trying! Between Andrew’s schedule and not wanting to disrupt yall’s pattern we haven’t found a proper weekend. I am so thrilled to hear the news I’m continually getting about Jim, he is SUCH fighter. I want you to know I love you both, and I pray for you daily!

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