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Feeling Better

Wow.  Last week was rough.  Jim was starting to show signs of Xeloda induced anxiety three weeks ago.  However, after the first three days of normal, awful chemo side-effects, the anxiety hit Jim full force this time.  He was so fatigued, yet could hardly sit still, let alone lay down.  Fortunately, Saturday night, he located the Xanax that was prescribed to him when he was first diagnosed.  I didn’t even know he had filled it because I knew he didn’t like why it was given to him.  As he told one of our oncology nurses today, “The doctor told me I was going to die, and here, have a Xanax.”  (Yea, my Jim and his humor are back!)  Anyways, from now on, Jim will be taking the Xanax whenever he is taking the Xeloda.

PS – Jim wanted me to let you know both of his big toe toenails came off for Christmas.  (His feet actually feel much better now.)

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  1. Jensey Humphries
    December 27, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    I’m so sorry that Jim is having a hard time. I am glad that his feet are feeling better now though and I hope the xanax works for him. I hope yall had a merry christmas! We love yall and are always praying! Please tell Jim that Scott said hello. Maybe when we are all well and yall feel up to it, we can come see yall for a little visit.

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