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Nothing New…

Last week was nice.  On two different days, all three of us, were able to go to Austin to run a few errands.  The only anxiety we had concerned the next six weeks.  You see, the way the infusions are every three weeks and the pills are every other week, Jim really only has one good week in a six week period – and we just had it.

The fatigue is driving Jim nuts.  He’s a thinker and pacer, but now he sleeps for hours at a time.  His frustration level would be off the chart – if he had the energy for it.  He seems to feel like he needs to do more with Sarah and I, so I keep reminding him that normally I would only get him for a few hours after work during the week anyways.  I feel like an acoustic cushion trying to draw away his frustration.

There was another couple from Johnson City, Dwayne and Janette Hoppe, who get infusions on Mondays like us.  We actually met them years ago during an open house, and found out Dawayne delivered milk to our house when he was a boy.  He died in a car wreck Monday.  However, Janette is the one with reoccuring cancer.  She lost an incredibly sweet and kind husband.  Could you please hold her in your hearts too?

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