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Change of Plans

After discussing Jim’s fatigue with Dr.DeLeon today, he moved up the CT & PET scans by three weeks.  Jim will have the CT scan on Friday, January 21st, and the PET scan on Monday, January 24th.  I simply had to know what our plan was going to be depending on the results, so here is what the doctor said.  If there is no detectable cancer, then we go cold-turkey with the chemo and have another CT scan done in three months.  If there are still signs of cancer, then we will keep going as we have been, except that Jim will get a two week break from the Xeloda.  He needs the break to build his body back up to withstand the pounding it’s been taking.  And understandably, we are excited, eager and scared.  Today was Jim’s 11th consecutive round of chemo.

Dr. Deleon did comment that Jim’s fingernails were, “a mess” and didn’t we like his “medical terminology.”  🙂  Then, he complimented Jim for taking such good care of his hands, despite what the chemo was doing to them.  He said men have a harder time not getting infections under their nails.  At this point, Jim looked over at me and smiled.  You see, I just about attack Jim with the manicure scissors a couple of times a week.  However, Jim is pretty good about staying away from dirty diapers and keeping lotion on his hands.  However, I have to keep him from trying to peel oranges with his nails because he really flipped one back this week.  (Please hear a wife-type sigh…)

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