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They gave us the wrong day…

Unfortunately, the scheduler at the doctor’s office gave us Monday’s date, instead of the correct Tuesday date for the PET scan.  We figured this out in Fredericksburg, on the way to Kerrville.  So, the fast began again at noon. 

Also, our doctor’s father really isn’t doing well.  Normally, I know he would call as soon as he received the report from the scan.  But this time, we may have to wait until our scheduled appointment next Monday to receive the results.

Jim is naturally disappointed, but ok.  I think Helen, Jim and Justin being here helps.  He’s just calmer with them around.

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  1. anne
    January 24, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    I didnt realize the fasting began at NOON. That’s bad. I’m glad you found out in Fredericksburg,though, because I thought you went all the way to Kerrville. I’m also glad Jim, Helen and Justin are there. Everyone in Lubbock is there in spirit. Love to all

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