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Decisions, decisions…

You always want your oncologist to say, “These are the best scans I could have hoped for.”  The small amount of sugar up-take from the PET scan measured a 3.3 in Jim’s esophagus (in June it was 22.8).  Cancer registers as a 4.0.  So, yes, Jim has something – but not much.

Now we have to decide: 1) take a three month break, then do a CT scan and endoscopy, to see if there is any new growth; 2) once Jim’s blood counts rise, keep doing the chemotherapy; 3) once Jim’s blood counts rise, do radiation; 4) go to M.D. Anderson for a second opinion.  Jim’s blood counts (mainly red & white blood cells & platelets) are having a harder time recovering after each infusion.  Today was the first time our doctor refused to give Jim his infusion because his counts were so low.

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  1. Stephanie Head
    February 1, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    You guys hang in there. Our friend Clyde who has been treated for stage IV also had periods where he could not take chemo due to his blood counts being so low. His wife, who is a nurse, was always concerned that it would disrupt the effects of their wanted results. His last scans were clear. He has taken a 3 month break before his next follow up scans and they are now in South Africa on safari with their son. You guys seem to have a real grasp of Jim’s current status, so informed decisions seem to be around the corner. We are cheering you on! GO JIM GO!!

  2. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    February 6, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Hi you guys ! Just checking in and lettin you know you are all still in our thoughts and prayers! Sorry I don’t comment or stay as caught up on here as I need to , but I do get updates from Mom & Daddy all the time ! I think all of you deserve a break for a little while as this is taxing on all of you ! You guys are the strongest people I know!! I am very bless to be a your Aunt! Love you bunches !

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