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Decisions Made

The early part of last week was spent debating what is best for Jim.  After talking to the radiologist on Friday, we decided that radiation treatments were probably not the best option since Jim is stage 4.  We also decided that while we are waiting for Jim’s blood counts to rise, we might as well get another opinion.  So, we asked Dr. DeLeon to send Jim’s file to MD Anderson, and make an appointment for us.  He let us know it could be a couple weeks before we get that appointment. 

Jim’s blood counts continue to be too low for chemo treatments.  Dr. DeLeon advised to not do chemo when Jim’s counts are barely high enough for a single treatment because it would be several weeks before his blood counts would be high enough to continue chemo.  Rather, Jim will wait so he can build his strength and bone marrow.  Then, once his blood counts show his bone marrow to have mostly healed, he will continue with the rounds of chemo to try and knock out that area of sugar up-take in his esophagus.

We escaped the cold weather by staying with my parents in Austin.  Since Jim’s neuropathy causes a super sensitivity to the cold, and Sarah plays on the floor, we thought it would be best to get out of our rather “breathable” 1914 house.   Of course by doing that, we killed our heater and one of our toilets froze.  Unfortunately, we only made these discoveries Satuday night.  So, we had the opportunity to try and get service out to our house on Super Bowl Sunday.  That was lovely.

On a silly note, Sarah loved dancing to the Super Bowl half-time show.  😉

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  1. jaynefield
    February 10, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    I appreciate so much the info you share with all who care about the Morris family. Such tough decisions. And oh my, I am so sorry about your house issues..ugh. I can only imagine the dancing princess dancing to the Black-eyed pea! The next generation..haha.

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