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It was a good day

Jim:  Despite Jim’s platelets only going up 3 points and his white bloods cells having the second lowest reading ever, we had a pretty good day.  Jim really is itching to get back to work.  (He swears it’s not because there’s a 22 month old in the house.  😉 )  When he asked Dr. DeLeon if it was a good idea, he tentatively said “yes,” but by the end of our appointment, he really thought the normalcy it would bring to Jim’s life would be a good thing.  Plus, he thinks it would be over a month before Jim’s blood counts will settle.  Let me explain that a little…

Since Jim had a little over seven months of hard-core chemotherapy, his bone marrow is incredibly weak.  His platelets could shoot up to 100 next week, only to fall back to 40 the next.  It doesn’t really know what it’s doing yet.  Only when Jim’s blood levels stabilize and show a rising trend, will Dr. DeLeon start the chemo again.

Sweet Sarah:  I wasn’t sure this whole time how to add Sarah to the blog.  My daddy suggested I just add something to the end of the blog to show how “Sweet Sarah” is brightening our lives.  So, this week was go-to-the-park-week.  We have had to separate her from other kids so she wouldn’t get sick.  (This is normal for young families with cancer.)  She loves the slides – no fear whatsoever.  And since she kicks at anything remotely round, her daddy got her a real soccer ball.  She kicked it around the backyard for at least 30 minutes straight.  Pretty good for a little girl who just turned 22 months today.  🙂

It's hard to get a picture of Sarah not running.

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  1. jaynefield
    February 22, 2011 at 10:32 am

    I have been anxiously awaiting news of this week’s blood work. Helen has been so wonderful to keep all your Lubbock friends up to date. I rejoice in 3 points up!
    And thank you for explaining the process. Jim’s body is a tough one..to have endured without cease the months of extreme treatment. I have faith, given a little rest, that the treatment will be availible. Youth, determination, loving support of your dear family and many friends.. and an incredible medical support team. We stand with you in this battle.
    And I love hearing about “sweet Sarah”. I can imagine this bundle of love and energy that surrounds you and Jim everyday.
    Love to all, Jayne

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