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Up 1 point

Jim: First, I have to say, it was great when Dr. DeLeon walked in the room and said, “Well, you don’t look like a cancer patient,” as he shook Jim’s hand. 

Jim’s platelet count only went up one point, so Dr. DeLeon thinks, since his marrow recovery is rather slow, we can just come in every two weeks for blood work.  We also made an appointment for Jim’s next CT scan – Monday, April 25 – after everyone’s birthdays.

Sarah: Whoa boy, I’ve been all over the internet and talking to friends about how to feed this little girl who suddenly has an opinion about what she eats!  I’ve been told it’s normal – the way she’s acting and my reaction.  I’m just giving her a ton of options, and watching a lot of it land on the floor or smashed.  Forget getting a rug for the dining room for a while…

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  1. jaynefield
    March 10, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Up one point..slowly be surly building back up. It took 6 hard months of warfare with that cancer to get to this spot. Time and patience..the hardest thing to deal with for me. Hoping work is still continuing to go well.
    Ah..and the food issues. Makes me smile and reminisce back to toddler days for me.
    Yes..I can smile now..haha. It was very frustrating. And I still have a 31 year old particular eater!! No rug…a very good idea!!

  2. March 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Jim & Beckie. Keep those numbers going up. You are in our prayers.

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