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Not Much Change

Jim:  His white blood cells managed to move up from 2.1 to 2.2, but everything else stayed the same.  We tend to be patient, but the really slow recovery of his bone marrow is kind-of surprising us.  Here’s something interesting.  Jim’s response to the spring allergy season is the best we can remember.  And we are outside with Sarah – a lot.  We are taking this as an indication that his body is pretty healthy.

Work is going great for Jim.  He really likes being back doing work he likes, with people he likes.  I get almost daily updates on the momma bird and her babies who live on the ledge out his window.  It’s nice to have Spring so very close to your desk.

Food – ugh – we are on such a learning curve.  As soon as I move forward and learn something, I find out what else I don’t know!  We are now trying to eat at least 50% raw fruits and vegetables.  Live enzymes help with digestion and the easy absorption of lots nutrients.  But, since Jim’s WBCs are so low, I need to have easily washable or peelable fruits and veggies.  I am looking forward to making strawberry soup.

Sarah:  She does have a food preference: multi-grain breads, Grape-Nuts, and other whole-grains.  That’s great, but a toddler turning down fruit – isn’t that odd?  Then, again, she is our daughter…

Here she is chasing rainbows.

She likes being pushed by her daddy on our porch swing.

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  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    March 27, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Beckie we were delighted to see that things are goin so well for Jim and you and Sarah ! Sorry the counts aren’t commin up quicker … BUT everything good is worth waitin on ! The pics are Awesome !!! I really LOVE the one of Sarah chasing rainbows ! It’s awesome !!! Grandad & Jim both wanted me to print the one of Jim & Sarah for them so I did …LOL 8X10 & 5X7 !! Hope you don’t mind ! Love you all ~ Catherine ! Hope to see you all soon ! We may be headin threw after Jerry takes his Stateboard on the 8th of April ! Will let ya’ll know !

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