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Water, water everywhere…

I got Jim good this morning for April Fool’s Day.

Typically, I’m not very creative or good at pulling off jokes on April 1st.  However, Jim created some karma for himself last night.  He decided to hose the oak pollen off the front porch and door while I made dinner.  I suddenly hear a waterfall in the front hallway, so I come running from the kitchen, a bowl of spinach in one hand while waving the other, yelling, “Stop!  Stop!”  This is an old house, so we have a transom above the front door. 

Well, this morning the BBC was trying to talk me into 3-D radio, so I realized it was April 1st.  An idea immediately popped into my head.  I walked quickly to our bathroom, knocked hard once and opened the door.  Jim says his cheery, “good morning,” and I say, “I hear water running.”  He froze and said, “What?  Where?”  I said, “Outside, at the front faucet.”  He quickly walks towards me, and when I don’t move out of his way, he looks down at me.  I smiled and softly said, “April Fool’s.”  He breathed in and out a few times before he finally said, “That’s almost not funny.”  “Well, you gave me the idea,” was my response.  😉

Jim and I have become more playful since his diagnosis.  We laugh more and try to look at more situations with amusement.  I must say, I’m a little worried how he’s going to get me back…

Please feel free to tell us either what you do to who today, or your best April Fool’s joke in the past.  I need ideas for next year.

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  1. Jayne Field
    April 4, 2011 at 10:44 am

    I love the amusement you are finding in life. It sure makes things go easier on all of us. I do need constant reminders of this fact.
    I am the worst at joke pulling so I will be awaiting inspiration from the Morris clan!! Sounds like the creativity is there! (and, will be awaiting news of Jim’s pay back to you..haha) What are friends for!!
    love and much amusement to all,

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