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Congrats Jim, it’s Sarah’s 2nd birthday!

Jim:  This was one of Jim’s big goals.  To make it to Sarah’s 2nd birthday.  Not only have you made it, Honey, but you are back at work and full of life!

Jim did have a fun birthday weekend.  The party started in Austin on Saturday, then moved to Johnson City and Fredericksburg for the weekend.  It was a fun time with family.  Plus, this was another of Jim’s goals.  (Can you tell he’s goal-oriented?)

This coming Monday, Jim will have a CT scan.  Tuesday, Jim will go in for blood work, get his port flushed and discuss the results of the scan with Dr. DeLeon.  He hasn’t had any chemo since January, so we are eager to see the results.  It has been a nice three months.  He’s going to take Wednesday off, and that’s when I’ll post the next blog.  I’m so glad he’s going to have a series of distractions leading up to Monday.

Beckie:  I can’t believe I was in labor at this time just two years ago…  Well, the partying for Sarah starts today.  Then, we’ve got Friday to get the house ready for the “big” party on Saturday.  That should be a really fun day.  On Sunday, “boocoos” (Jim’s description) of family members will join us for Easter service at our church.  We have many things to celebrate and be thankful for.  Then, we’re all going out to lunch, and after Sarah’s afternoon nap, we’ll have her very first Easter egg hunt!

Sarah:  Happy Birthday, Babydoll!  You have been through a lot this year too.  Thanks for always being such a wonderful little girl.

Note: Below you’ll notice Jim’s “Sarah smiles,” the type reserved for when he’s just with her.  😉


Sarah in the NICU



Sarah’s first Easter



Sarah finally likes bows!


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  1. Howard and Sue Cowan
    April 23, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Happy Birthday, beautiful, sweet Sarah.

    Jim, we are so pleased with your progress. We know you will win this battle. Keep up the good work.

    Becky, Thank you for the updates. You are wonderful wife and mother. You know the saying,
    “Behind every successful man, is his wife.” : -))

  2. Stephanie Head
    April 26, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Thanks so much for the update. We love getting pictures. You picked some good ones! I can just imagine all the watchful anticipation at Sarah’s egg hunt. What a beloved weekend.

  3. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    April 26, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Darlin pics Beckie ! Sorry that we had to miss the Birthdays ! They were both milestones ! I can’t believe Sarah is 2 !!! LOL what’s more I can believe that Jim is in his late…LOL… thirty somethings !!! Sure makes me feel OLD ! I think Jerry Got the Range Rover fixed ( crossin my fingers) so hopefully we will be able to come dow ya’lls way before the end of summer anyway ! Talked to Grandad this afternoon and he gave me the SPECTACULAR news ! Congrats to you all mostly Jim ! Prayers still go up for all of you daily… several times a day ! Makin a trip to San Diego for my B’day will share pics when we get home ! Love to you all and congrats again !

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