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Friday’s endoscopy

Jim:  Jim will have another endoscopy on Friday.  The doctor will look for anything suspicious and take a few biopsies.  Jim’s parents will be here too.

Jim has had an incredibly bad headache for the past several weeks.  The worst one I’ve ever watched him have.  It did get better once he started some heavy-duty anti-biotics and steroid pills.  He first had some wimpy antibiotics that didn’t touch him.  Now everything is draining out of his head.  I’m amazed at how much mucus the human head can hold.  😉  He just now finished the steroids, so he can finally sleep again.  Unfortunately, it is not unusual for Jim to get sinus infections because of his allergies.  But, we are guessing this one got so bad since his white blood cell counts are still low.

Justin (Jim’s brother) and his friends have been working on the cabin at the Morris hunting lease all year, and have just finished.  Jim has really been frustrated about not being able to participate.  But, Justin is a great contractor and the place looks great.  Heck, I’d be willing to stay there.  🙂  I don’t know how I’m going to keep Jim away from the lease now…

A beautiful view.

A beautiful view.

Beckie:  This has been a wonderfully crazy spring.  Multiple birthdays, Easters, baby showers and Mother’s Day – whew.  It’s been so incredibly fun to celebrate everything since we were told by the doctors that it would be a very bad spring.

Sarah:  Our baby is sick.  She probably also has a sinus infection.  When she hit 104 on Monday morning, we were at the peditrician’s office when they opened.  She’s on antibiotics, Tylenol and Dimetapp.  Her cough makes her shake after she’s done.  I watched her panic as she had phlem get stuck in her throat, before she figured out to cough.  Her cry and expressions are so sad.  We were so blessed that she has only had one small cold before now.  I’ve been sleeping with her in her recliner/rocker for the past four nights, so both she and Jim can actually sleep.  My goodness I’m the stereotypical new mom, aren’t I?

Sarah with her Great-Grandfather and Daddy.

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  1. Jayne Field
    May 19, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Was anxious to hear the happenings in the Morris household. Had missed your updates, but after reading this I can see everyone’s hands have been very busy.
    Hoping Jim and Sarah are feeling better. Am praying all will go well tomorrow with the endoscopy. Thank goodness for this test to let the doctor look around.
    And I love the pictures! Sarah with Dr. Morris and Jim…priceless!!

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