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An Unexpected Option

Jim:  First, the endoscopy went very well.  The doctor saw nothing suspicious, and took 20 biopsies.  The results should be back next week.

Second, we adore the doctors, nurses and staff we have had the opportunity to work with at Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg.  Apparently, Jim just about had a few of them in tears today because of how well he is doing.  They have been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout this whole ordeal. 

Third, and this is huge, the doctors are now suggesting removing Jim’s esophagus.  This is in order to create the opportunity for an actual cure from the cancer, not just remission.  We were stunned because we had been told that this wasn’t a viable option for stage 4 esophageal cancer.  And this is why: Dr. Love stated that only 5% of patients with esophageal cancer have lived this long. 

Jim sees this surgery as his best opportunity to finally beat this cancer.  Most patients in remission from stage 4 cancer will have it return within five years.  We will do this.  However, this is not a simple procedure.  Our next step is to find the best doctor to perform this surgery.  We are already setting up an appointment with a cardiac/thoracic surgeon in San Antonio.  We have an appointment this Tuesday the 24th, to talk with Dr. DeLeon.  I’m scouring the internet trying to understand this surgery and what’s needed pre & post-surgery, so we can start asking the right questions.

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