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ER Night and Regular Dr. DeLeon Visit

Jim:  Last night was interesting.  Jim has been having headaches for the past four weeks.  Last night it became so bad I had to take Jim to the emergency room.  His first time ever.  We arrived in style.  Driving up to the ER, I was frantically trying to lower his window, since we had apparently child locked his side.  I guess the entrance to the ER is as good a place as any to throw up.  He was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and a migraine.  The doctor prescribed another round of steroids (since that seems to really work), and a different painkiller.  Jim is a new man today. 

We arrived at Dr. Deleon’s office a little early so he could be hydrated and given anti-nausea medicine since he had gotten sick this morning too.  Jim’s blood counts are still low.  When we met with Dr. DeLeon, he wanted to discuss Jim’s ER visit first.  Dr. DeLeon does not believe Jim’s symptoms are tumor related.  However, he did order a head MRI scan for Thursday morning.  Unfortunately, Jim’s low white blood counts are probably enabling this sinus infection and making it difficult to get rid of it.

Dr. DeLeon also told us that all 20 biopsies were negative for cancer.  Yea!

Most of our visit centered around the subject to removing Jim’s esophagus.  Dr. DeLeon seemed to understand our concern about remission only potentially lasting five years, and that statistically the cancer will return.  He told us, “I have never before been in this situation with a stage 4 esophageal cancer patient.”  Most don’t make it this long.  He has had earlier stage patients successfully undergo this surgery.  Dr. DeLeon is supporting our decision to move forward with the surgical option.  We are attempting to schedule a special combined PET/CT scan for June 3rd.  It would be two months early, and the insurance has to approve this special circumstance.  Stanette, Dr. DeLeon’s insurance guru, is working very hard to get them to cooperate.  Once the results are in, if no cancer is detected, Jim’s medical records will be sent to the surgeon, Dr. Johnson, in San Antonio.

Sarah:  We are finally over the croup!  🙂  I’m no longer sleeping with her in the recliner all night.  She does still have a little cough, but I think her throat is still agitated and has to heal a little more.  My goodness, she loves the alphabet.  We have these foam letters and numbers, and she can clearly say probably 2/3rds of them.  And she’s very proud of herself when she does it too. 

Sarah was an absolute angel in the ER, especially since we arrived right when she should have been going to bed.  She was entertaining everyone – staff, patients, patient’s family…  I brought her medicine to give her for her cough, and she kept giving it to her Daddy to make him feel better.

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  1. Jayne Field
    May 26, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Team Morris in action. I have been so anxious to hear the results of Dr. DeLeon’s visit. And I rejoice in all this news…negative biopsies and a cure beyond remission. I continue to pray for God’s miraculous workings in this and His guidance, comfort and strength as the next stage of this journey begins. I know it is a tough surgery. The steel will of the Morris family and the top flight skill and compassion of your medical team are a steel mesh brought together around Jim and those who love him.
    So glad Jim has gotten relief and that Miss Sarah is better. I can just she her in the ER entertaining all and giving comfort to her dad. Take care of you, Beckie.

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