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PET/CT Results and Appointment with Surgeon

Jim:  On Friday, Jim had a PET/CT scan done in San Antonio.  The cancer that was in his liver, neck lymph nodes, and esophagus is completely gone.  Amazing.  The radiologist reading the scans and writing Jim’s report, couldn’t believe he was the same person from the original scan a year ago.  Unfortunately, there are still two lymph nodes near his esophagus that are hot spots.  On the upside, they are half the size they were a year ago.

Now that the PET/CT scan is done, the ball is moving quickly.  Today, Dr. Johnson’s office (the surgeon), is rounding up all of Jim’s scans and reports.  We will have an appointment with him tomorrow afternoon.  Please pray that 1) the doctor is both wise and kind, and 2) that he will operate on a stage 4 cancer patient.

Beckie:  This coming Sunday, Jim’s grandfather invited us to a Llano Estacado wine and food pairing event at the Hill Top Cafe in Fredericksburg.  Our neighbor has graciously agreed to babysit Sarah.  (Sarah loves Jennifer, so she’ll have a blast.)  Jim and I get to play dress-up and go out for a few hours.  I’m more excited than I probably should be.  😉 

Sarah: I took Sarah to daycare for the first time, to try it out, last Wednesday.  She loved it.  Cried and kicked while I carried her to the truck at the end of the day.  We knew we were rolling the dice because Sarah has only been sick two times in two years.  Sure enough, Saturday morning, her temperature shot up to 104.  Jim and I struggled all weekend to keep her temperature around 101.  On Monday, the doctor said it was a nasty virus and to just keep doing what we were doing.  Then, after her nap that day, she woke up in a panic because she couldn’t open her eyes for all the “goop” that had dried on her long eyelashes.  I can sympathize since it hit me the next day – soooo not fun.  We have drops to put in her eyes.  That’s fun.  She seems mostly over it except for a slightly runny nose and cough – me too.  Unfortunately, Jim is about a day behind Sarah and I, but thank goodness it didn’t reach his eyes and he does not have a fever.

I thought you would enjoy the following two Sarah soundbites:  I’m just amazed at how clearly she is starting to say her words – Bowl, and this is what she calls her Minnie Mouse doll (which is also her name for Helen) – Mimi.

Sarah “helping “her Daddy.

I needed scrapbook supplies, and Sarah found the alphabet.



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