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The surgeon said “No”

Jim:  The appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Scott Johnson, didn’t really go as expected.  He basically had two criteria to perform surgery: 1) if Jim’s esophagus was obstructed, and 2) if it would prolong Jim’s life.  Jim can swallow just fine now, so number one was out.  The doctor believed that since Jim was stage 4 he wouldn’t lengthen Jim’s life by removing his esophagus because it would probably come back somewhere else anyways.  It took us a few days to come to terms with that.  (That’s one reason why I haven’t written before today.)  But, now we are ok. 

Yesterday, we had our monthly visit with Jim’s oncologist.  Jim’s blood counts are finally starting to show a solid upward trend.  After having a nice conversation with Dr. DeLeon, we are ready to start maintenance chemo on July 15th.  We had thought about getting a second opinion at MD Anderson, but it appears that the surgeon’s criteria are universal.  If we found a surgeon willing to remove Jim’s esophagus, his ethics and experience would come into question.  So, fortunately, chemo works really well on Jim.  The trick will be keeping his blood counts high enough to take the chemo. 

Beckie:  I traveled to McKinney this weekend to attend my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  It was an adorable shower with lots of friends and family.  It was at a tea room called Gather, just off the main square.  April got lots of really helpful, and just plain cute, gifts.  I am amazed at how well, and quickly, she is moving around.  I wouldn’t have missed her shower for the world (she’s my “sister” ;-)), but as a bonus, it was just nice to be around such a happy event and nice people.

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