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The ICU isn’t going to keep Jim much longer

Day 3:  Jim’s dad stayed with him last night, and unfortunately, it seemed to be a pretty rough night for Jim.  He’s now so much more aware.  Plus, Jim’s dad had to get the nurses to give Jim something for his headache and back, so we could be sure he wasn’t using morphine for that.  So, by the time I got there in the morning, Jim was mostly sleeping. 

However, by the afternoon, the intravenous solutions and three cans of tube fed nutrients… well, let’s just say that Helen and I kept getting thrown out of the room after helping him to stand while keeping all those tubes from pulling.  It’s a real juggling act.  Tomorrow, he should have the tube removed from his nose (that’s the one that really drives Jim nuts), and the tube draining his chest cavity.  The nurse took off the dressing covering the lower incision.  It looks like a zipper.  Incredibly straight and the staples are about half a centimeter apart.  I’ll have to see if I can count them tomorrow…

Jim is just progressing too well to keep him in ICU much longer.  Helen is staying with Jim tonight, and hopefully, Justin or I will be relieving her tomorrow morning. 

I call this Jim's "happy button," but it actually just makes him sleepy.

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  1. Howard and Sue Cowan
    July 11, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Sue and I are in Dallas with her dad. We are following Little Jim’s progress. It sounds like the procedure went smoothly. Know that the entire family is is our thoughts and prayers.


  2. Jayne Field
    July 11, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    I so look forward to getting the latest on Jim and family. Again, thank you for being so faithful to give us an update. Sounds like Jim must be progressing as expected. Tubes coming out left and right, and it sounds like he had plenty in the beginning.
    I am picturing you and Helen with Jim trying to get him up. You both are so meticulous with your care of Jim. Then bells going off and all…breaking loose. A little humor is a very good thing. I am so sorry those darn headaches keep coming on. Thanks for the picture of Jim’s arm. I blew him a gentle touch.
    Hope Sarah is doing ok. I know how hard you are trying to keep her life as normal as possible.
    Love and prayers for all, Jayne

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