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“I no longer look like an elephant.”

This afternoon, a very happy Jim called to tell me that Dr. Johnson pulled the tube out of his nose.  (I don’t think Jim was expecting it at the moment it happened, and apparently the tube just kept coming and coming…)  His voise is still hoarse, but it should improve quickly now.  Tomorrow morning they are going to do a leak test on Jim to see if his stomach and remaining esophagus are solidly joined.  If so, he will get to start drinking fluids and eating jello.  I’m not thrilled about the sugary gelatin, but he has to start somewhere and I can’t exactly lug our juicer to his hospital room.  Not that I haven’t thought about it…

I barely missed visiting with our wonderful new pastor, Lee Romero, when he came to visit Jim today.  He was also with all of us before the surgery on the 8th, then he stayed with Jim, Helen, Justin and me until we got the “all-clear” on Jim’s liver.  He was such a wonderful, calm presence we all needed that day.

Beckie:  I rushed home today so I could pick up Sarah before naptime.  On the way home, I called the vet’s office to see if I could quickly get some kennel cough medicine for Jessie.  They said sure come right over.  I go to get her out of the backyard and she’s braying at me clear as a bell.  Our vet, Paul, said that she could be sensing the stress and it could be causing her throat to be too tight which is causing her high-pitched brays. 

After I picked up Sarah, I took her with me to the doctor’s office because I have had a cough since the beginning of June, that I just can’t shake.  While waiting, we played on the floor taking all the brochures out of their holders and rearranging the magazine rack.  Turns out, I still have a touch of bronchitis.  He knows about Jim, and didn’t say I am any danger to him, but we’ll ask the doctors in San Antonio to be sure. 

Sarah went right to sleep tonight.  Thank you, Honey.

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  1. Jeannine
    July 15, 2011 at 9:23 am

    I love your updates and more than that we all are so thankful and excited to hear Jim is making such terrific progress. All of you please know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Jeannine

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