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Jim is coming home tomorrow!

I must admit, this morning started badly.  They brought Jim breakfast, and it was everything we had read he shouldn’t be eating this soon: pancakes, eggs, coffee…  We questioned this, but the person delivering the food, and our nurse, said this was according to the doctor’s orders.  Well, thank goodness Helen magically called Big Jim, and when he told her what Little Jim was eating, she nearly erupted on the other end of the phone.  I went out and told the nurse Jim wasn’t going to eat another bite until Dr. Johnson told me it was ok.  Sure enough, they had ordered Jim the wrong food.  He didn’t have much, but it was enough to make him feel nauseated.  After I left, they brought him a repeat of last night’s dinner, except it was all sugar-free.  Jim is fine now.

Everything got better after that.  Jim had his saline solution IV and remaining stitches removed.  He had half the staples in his abdomen removed.  They will take out the rest tomorrow.  He had the drain in his upper chest partially pulled out, and they will completely remove it tomorrow too.  We are to see a dietician tomorrow.  The Home Health people have my number, so hopefully we can meet back at the house tomorrow afternoon to set up Jim’s night tube feedings.  It feels like all week we have been slowly chugging up the side of a super-steep rollercoaster, and Sunday is the downhill side.  Wheeee!

Sarah:  I took a picture of Jim with my phone so I could show Sarah her Daddy.  The idea was to show her the “boo-boo” on his neck to start explaining to her that she needs to be careful with him.  I think it worked because she tried to kiss his neck.  However, all day she would look at me and say “Da-di?” so I would have to show her his picture and she could nose-bump it.  Sweet girl.  I think she grew up a little bit this week.

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  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    July 17, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Hi Beckie ! Jerry Glenn & I made it home last night about 5:30 ! Sorry we didn’t get the chance to see you and Sarah or even Helen this trip but We did get to see Jimbo and I was excited that he looked MUCH better than we had anticipated ! I know he is more than ready to be out of the hospital ! Ya’ll truely amaze me with your strength !!
    LOL When we got back home I was sitting and thinking about the trip and realized that out of the 28 hrs we were gone from Lubbock I had been driving 16 of those hours and had slept 7hrs! LOL those whirlwind trips are for the YOUNGER members of the family …LOL they take to much out of ya !! Hopefully we can come back down for a short visit once Big Jerry gets home from Chicago ! Bless his heart he calls for updates on ya’ll at least once a day !

    Good luck with the trip home I know ya’ll will all be super and I know that sweet Sarah misses her Daddy bunches ! Love to you all and we are keeping ya’ll all in our prayers !

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