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Jim is out of ICU and should be discharged tomorrow

Since Jim isn’t loosing any more blood, he got out of ICU yesterday and is now back in a regular room.  Many of the staff came to his room to say they heard what happened and were glad to see him looking so good.  I just about had a heart attack when I heard he ate meatloaf, green beans and mashed potatoes last night, but it didn’t cause any problems – so yea!

If Jim “behaves,” he will be discharged on Friday.  However, because of what happened, Dr. Johnson doesn’t want Jim to leave San Antonio.  So, we’ll get to hang out in a La Quinta near the UT Medical Center until Monday.  Today, a dietician is to come by and talk to us.  I am very interested to see what they have to say.  The last hospital dietician we spoke with suggested such an unhealthy diet that when we got back in our car to leave, we looked at each other and started laughing.

Here’s the super-duper good news: We now have a little nephew, Mason James Morris!  He’s a little early because April had pre-eclampsia.  They are both ok, but will be in the hospital for a few days.  Poor Helen drove up to McKinney on Tuesday, and came back last night.  We were so glad she got to be there for them.  If you can believe it, he weighs 6 lbs 7 oz, and is 19 inches long – the exact same weight and size as Sarah when she was born.  We can’t wait to go meet Mason!

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