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A nice and not exciting day

After the bleeding incident that happened a week ago, I ask Jim to behave and not be exciting whenever I leave him.  He’s doing well and finally felt ok enough to leave the room and go out to dinner.  I’m afraid the saying “slow and steady wins the race” really applies to Jim right now. 

The home health people were already calling tonight to figure out scheduling for delivery and teaching us how to do the nightly tube feeds.  Jim is also bringing home a scale because we are to monitor his weight daily.  In the past, I never could get Jim on a scale and I go by how well my jeans fit, so we don’t have an accurate scale in the house.

On the way to bed, I told Sarah that Daddy would be here tomorrow.  She whinned and put her head in my shoulder.  I knew she didn’t get it and only heard the word “Daddy.”  I got her to sit up again and I said Daddy was coming home tomorrow.  That she understood.  She said her super-perky, “oh,” and had a huge smile behind her paci.  Their reunion is going to be adorable to watch.  She’s going to hand him every toy in the house.

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  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    July 25, 2011 at 8:16 am

    What an exciting day ! Just please take it slow and don ‘t let JIm over tire himself !LOL listen to me I Sound like an over cautiousMom/Grandmother/Aunt person! Kiss Sarah and JIm for me and have JIm give YOU a kiss for me too please ! We love you all dearly! Congrats !!!

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