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Sarah and Jim’s reunion at home


Their reunion was priceless.  Sarah is actually not the “huggy” type of kid.  More of a grab-n-go sort.    However, she was not letting go of Daddy once she had her arms around him.  They love each other so much. 

Jim was hugely glad to be home.  Unfortunately, he didn’t feel very well today.  (Why he tries to stop taking his pain meds when he’s with me is beyond me…)  I can tell he’s really pushing himself and I’m working on getting him to relax about it.  He also is trying to make up for not being on the feeding tube this weekend and ate too much.  However, he’s only lost one pound since Friday.  That is incredible.

The home health nurse, Carol,  came by today.  She gave us great advice.  We figured out how to work the feeding machine together.  To be honest, it’s an idiot-proof machine.  She is going to try to get a speech therapist to help with swallowing (He can swallow just fine, but the way he swallows he gulps air too, and that’s not good now.)  and maybe the TMJ, and a physical therapist to strengthen Jim and help his back.  She’s going to come back by tomorrow to check on us, and bring a few more supplies.

I’m so glad he’s sleeping next to me as I write this…

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