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Jim is, not great, but much better today

Jim:  I really think those tube feedings help so much.  Of course, last night was interesting.  Mr. Polite was not turning on the lights on the way to the bathroom, so he wouldn’t wake me up.  Sounded like a racoon in a fully stuffed attic.  He finally decided to just pick up the pole on the way back and forth.  We agreed to turning on lights from now on.

Jim is incredibly tired.  He is taking a morning and afternoon nap.  His body is really working hard at healing itself.  In the hospital, I thought it was the drugs knocking him out, but I’m not so sure of that now.  But, when he walks, he’s not wobbly like he was yesterday. 

He pretty much wakes up to eat.  I’m trying really hard to balance his lean proteins and carbohydrates.  Milk products are great for protein, and I have a refrigerator full because it’s abundant, but I’m trying not to give him too much because of the mucus inducing and inflammatory nature of milk.  His portion sizes are about half that of a Luanne platter at Luby’s.  He’s eating three small meals and two snacks a day.  We are going to figure this out and get his weight up soon.

Sarah:  She throughly discovered my spices today.  She really liked me letting her smell the various bottles.  She loved the little black peppers in the grinder, and repeated “pepper” (click on the word “pepper” to hear her) perfectly for the first time.  Note: I did not let her smell the pepper.

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  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    July 26, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Glad to see Jim is doing better! Anything takes time but I’d say he is beating the odds and doin super in the short time he’s been out of the situation he was in last week ! Ya’ll really amaze me ! LOL You’ll never convince me Jim isn’t superman ! Well ok I know there isn’t such thing as superman BUT There is NO DOUBT he is a gift from God and our own personal angel here on earth!
    Loved hearing Sarah ! Hopefully once Jerry gets home from Chicago( lol if he ever gets to come home… looks like he’s faced with another 2 weeks) we will be able to make another short whirlwind trip down to see him!
    Wanna see you and Sarah this time too ! Love ya’ll thanks HUGE Bunches for posting the blogs ! It helps alot bein so far away !

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