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Success! Jim’s pain is under control

Jim needed twice the amount of hydrocodone he was originally prescribed, but to take it, he needed the anti-nausea medicine.  I know he can sleep now.  The poor guy is exhausted.  But, he can finally talk to me and show a touch of his humor again.  This is what happens when the pain medicine meets the level of the pain.  You become closest to being normal again.  Fortunately, our GP was at the ER again today, so I could get him to send in a prescription for the  hydrocodone too.  We were almost out.  That would have been beyond bad.  I also warned him that I was going to be at his office when it opens tomorrow to get the referral to the specialist.  He laughed and said I would probably beat him there.

I feel much better now that I’m taking Aleve-D.  Love this stuff.  Plus, I always feel better about things when Jim feels better. 

When Sarah was last sick we put a humidifier in her room.  Well, she loves it, so we’ve never taken it out.  Tonight, I checked the water level to see if it was ok, and it was, so I put the top back down.  Sarah threw a fit and started crying real tears.  I was turning it on and off to see if that was what she wanted.  She kept picking at the top so I took it off.  She pointed at the water and looked at me.  I went and got a cup of water to add to the reservoir.  After that, she was perfectly fine.  I guess she was worried that I hadn’t “fed” the humidifier.  She’s entirely too sweet.

  1. jayne field
    August 1, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Wonderful…managing meds can be such a delicate balance. Thank goodness your doctor was willing to work with you and that IT WORKED! And so glad that you and Sarah are feeling better.
    I love the humidifier story. Sarah is staying on top of things at 2! Humor in life..I love it. Keeps us all sane.
    Love to all…Jayne

  2. Monica
    August 1, 2011 at 10:54 am

    I’m glad Jim is finally getting what he needs! I’m (maybe ignorantly) hopeful that he won’t need them much longer after you see the specialist.

    And yes, I’m glad you and Sarah are feeling better too.

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