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I thought Jim’s pain was under control…

Not a good two days.  Since we’ve almost tripled Jim’s original prescription, Jim’s pain is more tolerable and he is able to sleep.  However, the pain wakes him up and he is still getting very nauseous.  He would weigh 10 more pounds by now, if it weren’t for his back and head.  He’s trying really hard to eat.  Unfortunately, that much pain medicine is slowing everything down, so he’s uncomfortable that way too. 

This morning was a complete comedy of errors.  When I called to make an appointment for Jim this morning, I realized the referral I got was for an orthopedic surgeon who does everything but the spine.  Since our GP’s health clinic is so small, they aren’t very good about answering the phones, so I drove over there to get another referral.  (This is all happening before I woke Sarah up this morning.)  The orthopedic surgeon’s office somehow didn’t get the first fax, but they must have gotten the second one because they didn’t call me back…  The earliest appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Smith –  who specializes on the spine, is for next Tuesday.  I asked to be put on a wait list for any earlier appointments that might pop up.  However, I knew we couldn’t wait that long, so I called and got Leah at Dr. DeLeon’s office.  Dr. DeLeon said Jim has been in pain for too long, so he’s squeezing us in at 8:45 tomorrow morning.  If there is an opening, he will probably have Jim do a MRI tomorrow too.  The relief I felt was incredible.  I knew they would help us.

Whenever, Sarah hears Daddy getting sick she says, “Uh, oh.”  Sometimes she hears him before I do, which is quite helpful.  Sweet girl, she doesn’t put up a fuss at all as leave her and rush to Jim.

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