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Radiation is working

After Jim was “radiated” today, we met with Dr. Chyla. When he raised Jim’s legs, there was a definite increase in their range of motion.  Plus, Jim is taking less then half the amount of pain medicine he was taking.  He hates the stuff.  He doesn’t feel or act like he’s had too much to drink, but he kinda looks that way…

Dr. Chyla also thanked us profusely for telling him about Jim’s pelvic kidney.  Thank God, really, that he motioned where the radiation was going to hit on Jim, or else I wouldn’t have been so emphatic about how oddly Jim’s kidney is located.  The CT scan the doctor did on Friday wasn’t contrasted, so the kidney didn’t show.  If you will believe this, there is another Jim Morris from Johnson City that he sees, but he’s 32.  Dr. Chyla pulled his scan first and was wondering what the big deal was.  Then, he saw the age.  He pulled up our Jim’s scans and as he put it, he “had the feeling of nearly driving off the road” because he would have “smoked” Jim’s kidney.  I wanted to relate this story so everyone could see how many perfect coincidences had to line up.  Thank you for your prayers for our doctors’ wisdom.

Since Jim had such bad headaches recently, he will have another brain MRI done tomorrow morning at 8:00.  We’ve already done this once when Jim’s headache was bad enough for me to take him to the ER, and nothing showed up then.  However, if he does have something show up, we want to hit it with radiation before we start chemo, and chemo is scheduled to start on Monday.

Jim is really looking forward to tomorrow.  It’s his last day of radiation, and some of the Morris family will be arriving a la RV.  😉  Playtime before the work begins.

  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    August 12, 2011 at 8:09 am

    HI Beckie & Jim! So very glad that the radiation is working!!! Being in that much pain isn’t good even for superman! LOL I am surprised that there is another Jim Morris in Johnson City … however the fact that there is another Jim Morris doesn’t surprise me in the least seeing as now there are 4… (well ok 3 but really 4 if you count Mason) Jim Morris’ in our own family !
    Hope there isn’t any change in the brain MRI this morning! Sure wish he could get rid of the headaches though! ! We aren’t gonna be able to come up thisafternoon with the rest of the clan… sounds like fun , but BIg Jerry is FINEALLY home from Chicago and has a ton of things to get caught up on before he has to go back out ! We hope to be able to come down before he has to go back out because Jerry really wants to see JIm so we’ll keep in touch!
    Have a great time this weekend and Keep your spirits up ! You are all in our prayers SEVERAL times a day! We love you !!!!

  2. August 12, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Have another God day!

  3. jaynefield
    August 12, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Reassuring news on all accounts. Am so glad Jim is feeling the results of the treatment and that his meds are reduced. My goodness, the tale of the radiation is both awing and edifying. God is watching over you, as we all knew. And, we all must be our own advocates.
    And the scenario that another Jim is also a patient of your doctor is, well, amazing. I knew there was another Jim Morris in Johnson City. Last summer when this journey began, I was sending my cards to the wrong Jim. He very kindly returned them via mail. But this must be the same Jim…unless there are 3 JMs in town.
    Family coming together for a weekend..a great support for soul and body.
    Love to all, Jayne

  4. R. Vasquez
    August 13, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Hello Morris Family,
    Roberto and I (Debbie), will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you so bravely and faithfully journey onward. We pray that GOD will give each of you the strength to carry on. Jim, please know that Robert is taking care of things at the office, so no worries there. Also, he is so struck by your courage and strength. We would like to offer our help in anyway that we can. Please let us know how we can best do that.
    Hold on to your faith and trust in GOD, this will see you through even the darkest nights. GOD loves you and is with you this very moment.
    Robert and Debbie

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