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Results from the brain MRI – cancer

This explains Jim’s symptoms very well.  The occipital lobe controls vision which explains the double vision and why his irises dialate when physically stressed.  The cerebellum controls balance and coordination which explains why he is wobbly and has muscle weakness in some areas and not in others.

(from www.ykonline.yksd.com)  Also, see www.neuroskills.com/brain.shtml#map for more basic info and an interactive map with more detailed information. 

On friday afternoon, I was a bit stunned when Dr. DeLeon called and let me know Jim had more cancer.  So, I didn’t ask him to tell me specifically how it is causing Jim’s headaches and symptoms.  Meaning, is it still “just” in the fluid around his brain, growing and creating pressure, or has it attached to Jim’s brain?  The radiologist, Dr. Chyla, thinks we should continue on with the chemo on Monday.  This leads me to think it is still “just” in the fluid, but I’m not sure.  Unfortunately, it makes a difference in how well the cancer will respond to chemo treatment.  In order to protect itself from disease, our brains have something called the Blood Brain Barrier.  But, chemo is most often delivered through the bloodstream.  However, I did see something about putting it in the spinal fluid, so I’ll be asking that question on Monday too…

This is kind of an emotional blow because Jim is still recovering from the major surgery done 5 weeks ago, now he’s trying to heal and get over the fatigue from 5 days of radiation, cancer is causing random muscle weakness and on Monday he’s going to start chemo.  Jim is physically so worn out right now.

Saturday night, we went to the “barn” (aka – renovated barn B&B) where Jim’s family stays.  It was actually nice outside since it was the first day under 100 degrees in 27 days.  Justin had put out some deer corn because the deer are terribly hungery.  Sarah was enjoying watching them having dinner.

  1. jayne field
    August 14, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    So, so very much to take in. Thank you for always being so complete and thorough in explaining to us what is going on. I too am stunned with this latest assault. It sounds like you have a handle on the questions to ask the doctor. I have developed a lot of faith in Dr. DeLeon thru Jim’s illness. He will help provide you with info to help navigate thru this latest discovery. I am praying for Jim’s strength in mind, body and spirit thru this and for all who love him.
    And what a wonderful picture of Jim, Sarah and Dr. Morris. Thank you.
    And love, Jayne

  2. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    August 14, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    HI Beckie, Jim & Sarah! Love the pic !!! Sorry that the Jerry’s and I weren’t there this weekend.I have talked to Anne and she said ya’ll had a really nice time! I had just asked Anne about what the results were about an hour ago. This explains it alot better than she could ! Know in your hearts that you have our Love and support! We are going to try our best to make a whirwind trip down there before Jerry has to go back to work but we still aren’t sure yet just when. He really wants to see ya’ll ! We will be thinking about you tomorrow & pray for you often throughout the day ! I love you all ! Talk soon!

  3. Stephanie Head
    August 15, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Thanks so very much for an update Beckie. You guys are navigaing through trouble waters like champions. I’ve never seen a braver bunch. I see the power of faith and family at the helm and it inspires like no other!! Thanks also for the great pictures. I’ve heard so much about “the barn” and I see that it brings God’s handiwork right up to the window. We are praying like crazy here. Sounds like Jimbo is hard at work…..Go Jimbo Go!!!! Love you all!!

  4. Carol DiQuilio
    August 17, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Beckie, I also loved this photo taken at My/your family “barn” I am glad it worked out with the family staying pretty close to you. You can also escape to the “country” life within 2 miles! I was so upset to hear about Jim’s new battle with cancer…Prayers are with you…if you ever need anything please call….. Glad you are feeding my starving deer ha! I am giving them water, LOTS of water….Just a terrible drought here!!!!! PS.. Did Helen give you the bunny smock for Sarah? Kinda an old thing 40++ years, but I have no one to leave it to! My mom made it for me…Probably a tad outdated anyway. Carol…the barn Landlord

    • August 17, 2011 at 8:12 am

      Sarah loves the bunny smock. (I do too!) Runs to get it whenever I put on an apron. And likes to grab it out of her closet when she sees it too. Of course she likes to put it on herself, and with the criscross in the back, it’s quite funny to watch. I’ll have to send you a picture. It’s still a tad large, but I bet it will fit perfectly by next Easter. Your mom was a very good seamstress. Thank you for sharing with us something your mom made for you.

      Thank you, also, for giving all of us such a nice refuge this past year.

      With love, Beckie

  5. Carol DiQuilio
    August 17, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Beckie, I sent the “barn” family photo to a good friend who is an artist. Her name is Terry Starnes. Actually her husband sold me the house and barn…..Anyway, she was very moved by the whole story and wants to know if you have a favorite “bust” shot of Jim you would like her to paint a portrait of (for FREE!) Let me know, she was anxious to get painting, it sounded like! Carol

    • August 22, 2011 at 6:51 am

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. I kind of took a short “leave” from the computer to do other things. I am amazed your friend is offering to paint a portrait, for free at that. And thank you for sharing our story with her.

      I found a good picture of Jim that we took a week or two before surgery. Sarah and I are also in it, but she can probably ignore us. If she needs something else, please let me know. I’m emailing it to you next…

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