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We’re On Chemo Again (Hum to Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again)

Yesterday was an average to good chemo day.  The nurses gave him more steroids and Benadryl than normal, so he wouldn’t have an adverse reaction to taking the chemo again.  So, he slept most of the day away.

Today we met with Dr. DeLeon to discuss exactly what was going on and where.  (I even brought my anatomy book…)  Basically, the cancer is acting like meningitis.  The cancer, that has “landed” in a diffuse seeding pattern, has attached to the meninges.  The meninges consist of three membranes (dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater) that line the skull and vertebral canal and enclose the brain and spinal cord.  While cancer in the cerebrospinal fluid is difficult to fight, it is still very possible to fight.  We felt better after talking with Dr. DeLeon.

We have Jim’s balance, coordination, and most importantly – pain, under control.  His vision is still a little off, but we’re working on it.  Jim has his mind in the right place, and he is making it easy for us to follow his lead.  At this point, I am continuously stunned that I managed to marry such an amazing and strong man.  🙂

  1. baltumcooper@aol.com
    August 17, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Good Morning,
    Thank you for my “devotional” this morning. Jim singing “On the road again” and then here comes Beckie and Sarah holding baskets of flowers and skipping along singing “follow the yellow brick road”. Now, let’s add the congregation and everyone praying for you guys to sing “Our God is an awesome God”
    I know this sounds “Korny”…but hopefully it brings a smile to your face.

    Billie Cooper

  2. jayne field
    August 17, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    This battle plan sounds do able! And with Jim, our leader, onward we go. I am visualizing those chemo treatments battling away at the cancer cells and humming Willie Nelson. I do know that song!
    As always, thank you for sharing the medical details. I have a better feel of how it is now.
    We are with you, beside you, underneath you…anywhere we are needed.
    Love to all,

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