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Jim is beating the odds – again

Dr. DeLeon walked into the room today and said, “You look great!” 

Jim is so much better than he was last Monday.  Back then, he was still in pain and  had to be helped out to the car after chemo.  Today he is on half the pain medicine and half the steroids.  Tuesday night, we noticed two things which changed on him that had to be chemo-related improvements.  1) He could lift more weight, easier with his right arm which had become very weak.  2) This is an odd one that no one can explain, a blue/purple “bruise” he had on his arm since after his first surgery, was suddenly half as dark and mostly just pinpricks.  But, what we care about is #1 because it means the chemo is working in the cerebrospinal fluid!

When the steroids are wearing off, the double-vision starts to come back.  I can tell when it’s happening because he’ll talk to me with one eye closed – rather Popeye-like.  The balance/coordination problem has all but disappeared too.  

Jim does have challenges ahead he will have to face.  His blood counts are not as high as we would like them to be to start a chemo regimen again.  Platelet transfusions are a possibility in the future, but we already have to watch out for infections.  Also, Jim asked if he could increase the Xeloda pills to 6/day, from the 4/day he did last week, Dr. DeLeon agreed to the increase.  (The side-effects are plain awful, and I’d hate the things, except they work so well…)

He also stopped using the feeding tube on Sunday.  I was told to call the company who is loaning us their equipment, and tell them to come and get their evil pole.  😉  Think he’s tired of the feeding tube?  He certainly enjoyed sleeping last night.  When we told Dr. DeLeon that he had stopped using the feeding tube, Dr. DeLeon paused and then asked, “But you left the feeding tube in, right?”  I think Dr. DeLeon understands Jim pretty well.

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  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    August 22, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Oh how awesome ! proven fact that Prayer works WELL with determination … which you two have an over abundance of ! CONGRATS ! You never cease to amaze me ! I still think my Nephew is Superman and you Beckie have got to be Wonder Woman! Thanks for posting the wonderful news ! Love you ! Will keep prayn several times a day for all of you !

  2. jayne field
    August 22, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    What good news that Jim is feeling the positive effects of the chemo. And a positive attitude to concentrate on the positives not the negatives. Those 6 pills a day…what a great thing to know that all those uck side effects produce positive results. And I think about the wonderful, compassionate medical expert you have in Dr. Deleon. I give thanks for him.
    As always, thank you for keeping us up to date on Jim and family.
    Love, Jayne

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