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Never take for granted the ability to get dressed in the morning.

This week, Jim moved from taking 4 pills per day to 6, and he’s handling it pretty well.  He believes it is easier to take this time (less nausea) since he only has 2/3’s of his stomach left.  That was an unexpected bonus.  However, the fatigue is coming back.  This weekend, I watched him have to take a break after putting on one tennis shoe. 

Jim’s blood counts stink.  So, of course, he acquired a really bad cough.  He has been on two different antibiotics for several days now.  It is getting better, but he still sounds awful.  Everytime he starts coughing, Sarah starts yelling, “uh-oh” and “oh-no!”

The old “cancer diet” is practically out the window, and we’re having to almost start from scratch.  No whole wheat pastas, and if you can catch it with a hook or a net, then it’s ok.  Most of the time, he really has to stay away from refined sugars, but occationally, he needs some Sprite to get rid of a headache.  He is getting better at controlling how much he eats at one time.  But, ordering something at a restaurant that agrees with his new system is still a challenge. 

Jim’s family came down for a long weekend.  He was tired, but had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.

  1. Billie Cooper
    September 1, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Have a God day! ;-)))

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