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I couldn’t see the second plane

Today was a bad morning, so I was unable to write until now.  We think Jim’s headaches are related to his rapid weight loss causing problems with his sugar levels.  We’ll be asking the nurses about it tomorrow…

I haven’t told many people my 9/11 story.  It’s a little weird and slightly embarrassing.

I was at a continuing education course in San Antonio.  Right before the first class of the day, one student came in late and said a plane had flown into the first Twin Tower.  We all tried to reassure him that the news had it wrong and that it was a little plane.  During our break, several people went to the hotel’s sports bar to figure out what was going on.  I thought that was too morbid, so I didn’t go. 

They came back to class shaken, because they saw the second plane hit.  Then during class, our instructor got a call and he had to leave the room.  He came back, said the Towers had collapsed and class was done for the day.  (The next day he told us his daughter worked in the second tower.  Fortunately, she was late that day, and her train was stopped before getting there.) 

So, I went to lunch at a little cafe with 3 relative strangers.  There was one tv in the cafe that everyone was staring at in shock.  What I saw happening to the people in the cafe was a sudden jerk or a “no, no, no” or closing their eyes.  I noticed the people because as I watched the tv, I couldn’t see the second plane hit.  When the others at the table saw my confusion, they tried to point it out to me.  I was getting embarrassed because other tables were looking at me, and I had heard it was a big plane so why couldn’t I see it?  Then, after the fourth or fifth time it suddenly popped onto the tv screen.  That was the only time I saw it hit.  I couldn’t watch it again.  I know my sweet brain had been trying to protect me.

I was able to call Jim and my parents from the hotel we were staying at as our cell phones wouldn’t connect.  I tried to watch what was happening on the tv out of respect, but I had to stop.  I could close my eyes, but not my ears.  Of course I got upset.  Honestly, who of us didn’t that day?  I felt kind of lonely in my hotel room because I really wanted to hug somebody. 

What stands out in my mind in the days that followed were the lack of airplanes in the sky, with the exception of the F-14’s that were circling San Antonio like angry bees.

This was my attempt at honoring those people who tragically lost the people they loved.  Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.  But, my heart definately always goes out to them.

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