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Yea! The food tube is out.

Yes, the good doctor (Dr. Scott Johnson) is holding that awful feeding tube.  I am sorry if any of you found it gross, but the happiness in the picture is just so fun.  When Jim showed Sarah the food tube was gone, she got her sippy cup and pretended to give him a drink where the tube used to be.

The past few days have been rough.  I am trying like crazy to figure out these headaches that come on like a sledgehammer if he doesn’t eat every two to three hours, depending on what he last ate.  We have a couple of possibilities I’m chasing down. 

  1. His blood glucose levels were a little low after eating, and a little high 3.5 hours after eating, suggesting hypoglycemia.  But, the doctor said the steroids could possibly account for the high.  So, I’m on hold for now.
  2. Jim’s teeth have always been sensitive to sugar.  The heightened sensitivity of Jim’s nerves after the last chemo treatment could affect his teeth causing a two hour-delayed headache.  I bought him some Sensodyne toothpaste.  However, how would eating more food help this? 
  3. Jim has become sensitive to all sugars.  This one is hard to explain.  It’s like a food allergy.  I’m this way about garlic, and it came on in a similar way too.  We are trying to remove as many simple sugars as we can (pretty much did this last year), and complex sugars derived from wheat.  Basically, we are experimenting with food.  The Silver Lining: Jim is gaining weight at the rate of a pound or more per day!
  1. September 18, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Thank you for the updates, Beckie. You are all in our prayers, especially Jim. Give Helen and Jim a hug from all of us in Pathfinders Sunday School Class. We Lift You Up. Pam A.

  2. Stella Pullon
    September 21, 2011 at 11:47 am

    I am Stella, investment accounting Intern at TRS. Jim and family are always on my prayers. I wish you get well soon. It is amazing how strong Jim and his family are, to get through these whole process. Thank you for sharing.

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