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Johnson City Library’s plans for your memorial donations

I spoke with Susan Hamm and Norma Honeycutt, two very nice representatives of the Johnson City Library, about their ideas for what to do with your memorial donations.  Norma and Susan thoroughly expressed to me that they could tell Jim was a very respected and loved person. They did not want your donations to simply disappear into the building fund.  Their ideas centered around Sarah.

First, they are wanting nicer bookshelves for the children’s area.  Jim’s would be a tall, long one along one of the walls.  They would like to put a plaque on it, as a memorial to Jim, and have asked me to think about what it would look like and say.  Also, and the more I think about it the more of an honor I realize this is, they offered to paint Sarah into the library’s beautiful mural.

I realized after telling Helen about the library’s plans, that I had never given any information on the blog about our library – whoops.  First, I joined the Johnson City Woman’s Civic Club the moment I was asked because it’s primary purpose is funding the library – operations, maintenence, programs, building… everything.  I am a huge reader and have worked in the libraries of every school I attended.  Jim and I wanted the same library-type learning opportunities for Sarah and every child in north Blanco County.  That’s why I asked for any memorial donations to go to our library.  Their contact information: www.jclibrarysite.org; PO Box 332, Johnson City, TX 78636; 830/868-4469.

I want to say, with my whole heart, I very much appreciate any donation to any organization, or fund for Sarah, that is made in Jim’s name.  Thank you.

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