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Sarah was a cold little angel for Lights Spectacular

If the wind had not been almost gale-force, paired with a rapidly dropping temperature, and we hadn’t sat in a trailer for 2 1/2 hours – well, we might have done better.  I must have looked cold because Sarah kept finding blankets to cover me.  Not only did she find the unused ones, but if she deemed another child to have too many, she promptly took one of their’s too.  That was a learning experience in sharing and how much is enough.

I dressed Sarah in two layers on bottom, and four layers on top.  I made the seriously unfortunate mistake of topping her off with the Baylor cheerleading outfit.  Heavy nylon holds in the heat, right?  Well, when it came to putting on the angel robes, she threw a fit.  There was no way anyone was going to cover up her outfit.  My friend, Kris Axtell, suggested I take a picture to show Sarah how she was acting.  However, seeing as Sarah was holding the robe over her head, trying to get it OFF, the pictures didn’t really turn out.

She did thoroughly enjoy her pizza bones though.  Thanks to all the kiddos and moms for saving the crust for her.

Next, it was finally time to move.  All the angels were putting on their halos and sitting in their chairs.  Again, sigh, not my Sarah.  Even though I tried, I knew the halo wasn’t going to last.  But, I was surprised when she refused to sit on my lap.  She wanted to stand.  So, Kris (note: she has 4 boys) suggested to Sarah that she could sit on the comfy blankets on the floor of the trailer.  Sarah bent her head, and flopped onto the blankets.  Then, the trailer moved.  Her head snapped up and she was straining to see over the sides of the trailer.  I suggested she could see better in my lap.  That did it.  She hopped right up and snuggled in.

She was happy to see all four grandparents in the crowd.  I wish her daddy could have been there too.  Thanksgiving was a little hard especially when I realized it was two months since we lost him.  Hard to be thankful on that kind of an anniversary.  Next year will be better.

  1. Betty McNallen
    November 29, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    It is soooo challenging to be an angel, even for two and a half hours, but a Baylor angel? That’s pushing it. (Go Horns!) Next year will be different. How brave of you and Sarah to get out into the cold for a good cause (’cause George conned you into to doing it, right?) I must say that you look particularly good as an angel wrangler. Sending you love. Betty

  2. December 1, 2011 at 7:43 am

    You talking about Sarah, or me? 😉 And, yes, George is good. Sarah did enjoy waving at everyone (there were so many people), but she might have been a little happier with less wind since she was recovering from an ear infection. Next year will be better. (Can you tell that’s my mantra?)

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