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Jim now has his memorial

Last Monday, Jim’s memorial was installed at his gravesite.  I think it turned out to look rather nice.  We had to custom design it because I knew Jim would come back to haunt me if I did the double heart design often used on a single plot.  (I’ll be cremated and buried there too.)  The granite is from Marble Falls and is the same one used on the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.  It’s good to have his memorial there now.  However, that day I noticed I was having some anxiety and resentment that it was there, and realized it felt like the last thing I could do for Jim was done.  I talk a good talk, but I’m still dragging my feet on moving forward.

The smaller print reads, " Parents of beloved daughter Sarah Rebecca."

Sarah and I have been sick for over a week now.  After she developed a strong cough, and was not shaking a low-grade fever, I took her to the doctor last Thursday.  Poor thing tested positive for RSV and 2 ear infections.  Under age 3, it still has the potential to be a scary virus, but Sarah was over the hump by the time I brought her in.  RSV in adults is like a really bad cold.  (It took 2 hours and 10 tissues before I could get out of bed on Sunday.)  Unfortunately, we managed to pass this on to both my mom and Jim.  My brain is barely starting to work again.  I’m glad it is because Sarah is almost 100%.  That much energy should be outlawed while the parent is sick…

At least Sarah enjoys the doctor’s office.  The nurse commented that usually kids hate the oxygen monitor that goes over their finger.  Well, Sarah loved playing with that thing when the nurse would come to check on Jim after his surgery.  I’ve got to find a stethoscope for her too.  Right now she’s using my earphones, paint sample cards or her hand when she listens for my heartbeat.  She’s very thorough.  It was hard not to laugh when she was trying to find a good place to put her hand, on my head.  😉

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