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Shopping with Jim, Mother’s Day & a talking bible

While I was in Austin this weekend for Mother’s Day, I dropped into Central Market to get some more Magic Pop for Sarah.  She loves the stuff.  When I first walked in, I noticed the familiar “Central Market” smell I always love.  Then, as I got to the supplement section, I started walking faster.  My mind was telling me, “Just grab the Magic Pop and go. “  I actually frowned at the vitamins as I quickly walked past them to leave. 

I didn’t want to analyze it then, but now I’ve been thinking about my reaction because I did find it odd.  It was a strong reaction.  I know it is not because I blame the healthy food and supplements for not saving Jim.  I honestly believe they helped him.  Minus the major headaches, Jim was incredibly healthy this time last year.  I think I had an odd reaction because Jim and I use to be in Central Market together, working together, and I miss that.  I would pick out something healthy, then show it to Jim to see if he’d actually eat it.  Most of the time, he agreed to my selections.  Sometimes I’d throw in something crazy, like grape leaves or canned asparagus, just to see if he was paying attention.  Jim’s trust in my food decisions for him was humbling.

Austin’s Pecan Street Festival was on Mother’s Day last year, so we visited a petting zoo after we had lunch at the Pecan Street Cafe.

I had a very good and fun Mother’s Day.  It was my mom’s birthday too.  So it was an extra special day.  Sarah is really good at “helping” unwrap gifts.  I made sure I didn’t “over-think” during the day, or look too hard at the daddies with their little girls while we were out.  Sarah received many, many hugs from not only Nanna and Papa, but me too.  On the way to bed, I thanked her for being crazy enough to pick me for a momma.

We just finished dinner at Waterloo. Don’t we look good? I’ll forever love that spring.

FYI – I found a great website in the Beth Moore – James: Mercy Triumphs study.  It’s too good not to share it.  This website will read the bible to you for free: BibleGateway.com.  How awesome (and easy) is that?  I wish I knew about this for Jim.  He would have gotten through the bible must faster, and we could have listened together.  I noticed during his last few weeks he had stopped reading his bible.  The last week, while he was reading a Halloween book to Sarah, I figured out he was having a hard time seeing the words.  It’s that whole “hind-sight’s 20/20” thing that keeps happening to me.

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