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Really? I have NERD?

I know some of my friends just fell out of their chairs laughing.  I did not admit to being a nerd.  I said I have NERD – Non-Erosive Reflux Disease. 

Ok, like my heart-thing, I’ll own up to this one too.  Five years after having a disasterous experience with a gastroenterologist (Dr. Pradeep Kumar) and figuring out how to live with my non-working esophagus on my own, I finally tried another doctor (Dr. Lindy Rachal) to help figure out my esophagus issue.  I did a barium test.  Part of the test had me swallowing something akin to rubbery cement, as fast as possible.  Another part of it involved me swallowing while laying down.  I actually laughed when they asked me to do that.  Not happening.  I finally lifted and banged my head on the machine to swallow the stuff.  Then, about two weeks later, I did an endoscopy.  Yes, I was right where Jim was diagnosed.  However, I really like and trust the Hill Country Memorial Hospital staff in Fredericksburg.  Mom explained the situation to the staff that didn’t recognize us, and they immediately stopped teasing me about my high pulse rate.  The scope went fine.  They let me situate myself because of my Ehlers-Danlos, so no dislocating shoulder like last time.  Dr. Rachal told me everything looked fine, just a little inflamed.

Dr. Rachal believes my esophagus issues are all due to my Ehlers-Danlos.  I am now weaning myself off Prilosec because it doesn’t really help my kind of reflux.  Let me just toss this on top of my ever growing pile of guilt.  Jim’s reflux was erosive, and mine’s not.  I try to stop the “what if’s” before they can finish their sentences.  (big sigh) 

Johnson City Does Yoga

If you are interested, I do have my new yoga blog up and running: www.jcdoesyoga.com.  Even if you can’t come to the classes, please visit the site to get a variety of information and inspiration.

  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    June 5, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Thanks for keepin us updated Beckie ! Glad yours isn’t the erosive kind !! Sorry you have to have it at all ! I think about you and Sarah Often! LOL Got stocked up on Bubbles for when you get the chance to come back up ! Jerr and I are headin to Savannah a week from tomorrow ! Big Jerry is gonna meet us there ! I can’t wait ! LOL Dreadin the drive BUT I am sure I’ll come home with some AWESOME pictures !

  2. Laura Griffith
    June 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Hi Beckie! I think of you often and have wondered how your EDS was doing. I too have a host of gastrointestinal issues that stem from EDS. I also found out that Prilosec was setting off my heart palpatations. Have you been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome? Its pretty common amongst us EDSers and might explain your heart rate issues.
    I was so happy to hear that you were teaching yoga. I wish I could take a class from you but it’s a no no for my bendy body. I miss it 😦
    You have been such an inspiration and I am so impressed with your strength. Take good care of yourself!

    • June 10, 2012 at 7:53 am

      I am so glad to hear from you! Really, Prilosec can do that? I will look up that Syndrome, so I can mention it to my gastro doctor next time I see him.

      (Imagine me holding your shoulders – in a friendly way.) OMG – Please come to one of my classes! Just every once in a while. I need another EDSer in there too. I do NOT stretch my problem areas anymore, which I agree is really irritating because I’m so much more tight than I use to be. It’s really good, but I miss the flexibility. However, I DO work on strength and balance, and we need both big time. I’m probably the only yoga instructor you should work with, since I understand you so VERY well. You know we confused physical therapists. Well, I’ve found EDS to be mind-blowing for yoga instructors. You can see it in their face, “Wait. You don’t want to be flexible?”

      At the very least, we should do lunch sometime. 😉

    • June 10, 2012 at 8:18 am

      My mouth is hanging open. Holy smokes. Who do you see to help treat your POTS? I have apparently been blindly walking backwards fixing my POTS symptoms one at a time. (No wonder regular medicines weren’t working for certain things…) This heart one is just my newest outward showing of it. I have a super flexible friend, like us, who has horrible migraines that I’m going to mention this possibility to her.

      • Laura Griffith
        June 11, 2012 at 5:23 pm

        I got the POTS diagnosis kind of by mistake. My GP thought I had mitral valve prolapse (which I have and common with EDS) and sent me to the cardiologist. He was doing a stress test and they discovered the POTS. Looking back I’ve been symptomatic for years with fainting episodes, tachycardia, migraines, etc….None of my docs really know much about it (shocker right?) so I take a beta blocker for the heart palps and drinks lots of water, eat salty foods and try not to get overheated. If you have any questions I’m pretty well read up on it- just ask! Are your doctors helping you with the EDS? My condition has really deteriorated and have been debating traveling to see an EDS specialist. Not sure if they could really do much though.
        I just may have to take you up on your yoga offer- after I get back from vacation. I’d love to stay in touch.

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