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Pink Rock Stars

“You a pink rock star!  Me a pink rock star!” Sarah yelled at me, even though I wasn’t wearing pink. 

It was after dinner last Thursday, and I was stalling on washing dishes.  I pulled my phone out and started playing songs.  First, the Beach Boys and Kokomo, but we didn’t finish that one.  Then, I played Falco’s Rock me Amadeus.  That’s when she started playing the air guitar.  I told her that her Daddy really liked that song too.  Next, I tried Sting’s Russians, at which Sarah says, “No Mom.  Rock song.”  Ok, kid.  I can do that.  How about Iron Maiden’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner?   Holy cow, she loved it!  Sarah started running all over the kitchen.  She placed my hands up so I could do the air guitar with her.  The song is about 13 minutes long, and she wanted more.  I’m so impressed.  (Nerd Alert – Not only do I like Iron Maiden’s talent, but I really appreciate their references to literature and history.)

Anything shiny makes a good mirror for watching yourself play air guitar.

I was stalling again last night, so I decided to play my “fun” playlist.  Songs like The Chicken Dance (real & German), A Tooty Ta, Following the Leader (I follow her), Splish Splash (to attempt practicing for her 1st dance recital on Friday), Good Morning Starshine (you always need a good hippie song) and so on.  We were definitely having a fun time again.  However, I make have scarred Sarah with the This is Halloween song from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  The first time it played, I followed her around the house stomping and singing the song while she was running away squealing, giggling and yelling, “No, Halloween!”  She really should have her daddy’s legs to hide behind.  The next time it played, I had just gotten her in bed and had started getting ready myself.  She started yelling, “No, Halloween!” again, and I heard her feet hit the floor and come running to me.  I don’t think Sarah was actually scared because she was giggling again.  She probably just wanted to know where I was.  But, just in case, I made sure we both stomped our way back to bed.

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  1. Jayne Field
    July 24, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I’m smiling from ear to ear. I can just picture you two girls singing and playing and giggling.
    What a great way to spend the evening…to heck with the dishes..haha! And I love your choice of music..at least the ones I recognize..ha!
    Thanks for sharing this joyous mental picture! And the adorable Sarah picture.
    Can’t wait to see the recital pictures. Look forward to your next post. I know Helen and Jim
    are excited to share this with you!!!

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