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Enough is enough

I have declared war on my home.

It will be pile by pile, and room by room, but I will conquer my house.  It has been at least five years (and in a few areas 10) since it’s been cleaned out.  Some people may be surprised that this may be an issue because I am a rather organized person.  Yeah.  It’s organized into p-i-l-e-s. 

Here’s what I have to overcome.  I tend to collect things.  Anyone who has seen my Tupperware “collection” might be thinking I need an intervention.  Unfortunately, I have a real love and appreciation for all things old.  Heck, my house was built in 1914.  I’m a slight perfectionist.  (Yes, I know which one of my friends just snorted her coffee.)  So, if it’s overwhelming I tend to freeze because it will take time to make it perfect.  And now I have some deep sentimental attachments to certain things.  I’ve decided if the sentimental item doesn’t stay with me, then it goes into storage.  And I’m not talking about any of Jim’s things.  His stuff doesn’t leave the property.

Here’s what I have going for me.  During our cancer journey, Jim and I truly came to understand that it’s all just stuff.  And stuff isn’t important – good memories are.  When you have that frame of mind, it’s much easier to donate things you might like, but never actually use.  Plus, really, how much of this stuff do we need daily, weekly, monthly or even annually?   

Wouldn’t it be great if I could model quality not quantity (selective materialism), less is more and delayed gratification for Sarah?  I think that instead of saying “enough is enough” in an uptight voice, I’ll think of it in a satisfied, fulfilled voice.  Wouldn’t that be nice to know and feel that you really have enough? 

As I clean house, most of what will be leaving will go to the thrift store or Sarah’s consignment store or my friends or the recycle bin.  Not much will actually land in the trashcan.  My environmental leanings won’t allow that to happen.  😉

Cross your fingers for me.  This is going to take a while.  Less is more, less is more…

“Splish, Splash I was take’n a bath…”

Sarah:  I was so impressed with how well she did at her dance recital on Friday!  Not that it was perfect.  I’m not one of those mothers.  However, I’ll admit 1) she looked gorgeous (Her lashes are even longer with mascara.  I know that’s what it’s suppose to do, but gee-whiz.); 2) she never stopped dancing; and 3) she was actually comfortable on the stage.  Wow, so great for a three-year-old.  She also let three other moms fix her hair.  (Now I know mousse is a staple item.)  I should have gotten a picture of that.  The stunned look on her face was so funny!  She also held real still for me after I yelped from sticking myself with one of her seven safety-pins.  She needed that many to make her outfit tighter and shorter, and so she couldn’t pull her tutu up under her arms.  (She preferred the tutu to be as high as possible.)  Unfortunately, I set up the video camera on the wrong side of the stage, so she’s in view about half the time.  Whoops.

  1. Catherine Mitchell-Baker
    July 31, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    HI Beckie ! Good for you ! I agree enough is enough! I am cleaning myself ! Having to get rid of JUNK to make room for Memory things ! It’s tough but very very rewarding ! OH by the way speaking of memories ! I just mailed you the pics( a set of prints & a disc) today from when you and Sarah were swimming @ B’s! They said you should have them Thursday! Love ya’ll ! Hope to see ya’ll again soon !

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