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Escape to the mountains

We’ve been out of town.  This infernal heat had been making me daydream about Taos for a while now.  Then, I saw an opening in Sarah’s schedule.  So, I decided to grab her and run for the Rockies.  Unbelievably, I managed to time it perfectly with Jim’s parents, aunt and uncle.  They were going to be in Taos at the same time, so they were kind enough to invite me to tag along with them.  Sarah and I had a really fun time.  In fact, Sarah kept trying to lose me in favor of going off with one of them.  😉  Then, when they went back to Texas, Sarah and I drove up to my aunt and uncle in Bailey, Colorado.  Not only did they take us on some amazing drives with great views, and to some good restaurants, but we got to sleep with the windows open.  I’m probably not going to take medicine to prevent altitude sickness next time I go to the mountains though.  My eyes dilated and then didn’t return to normal for two days after removing the patch.  It’s a good thing I know what my car’s dashboard is suppose to look like, and it made reading a map… well, interesting.  Then, on returning to Taos, there was a two-month-old bear cub loose at the Kachina Lodge where we were staying.  The crazy people in charge were waiting for “mom” to come get her cub.  Seriously?  I have “bait” with me!  Fortunately for us, a few hours later, the cub decided to visit the motel across the street.  Sarah’s favorites were the giant playground at the toy store, and she loved watching the Native Americans from the Taos Pueblo (Tiwa tribe) dance in the circle at the Lodge.

Sarah is in the middle of the bridge. She just kept waiting for older kids to help her do things too big for her. Of course, they also helped her stay inside so I couldn’t get her out…

Fortunately, Sarah is a great traveler.  I never had to break out the dvd player.  She slept, played with her dolls or talked to me.  She loved trains and a few times we got the big trucks to honk at us.  We both enjoyed all those curves in the mountains.  (I would overly slow down, so I could speed up in the curve.  Wheeee!)  I thoroughly soaked in and enjoyed this time with Sarah.  Hopefully, since we don’t have the everyday fun that the three of us were able to create, Sarah and I can occasionally get away like this, and really enjoy each other.  I tried not to miss Jim.  It was hard though because I had always planned on going back to Taos with him.  I’d see a shirt that would look good on him, or want to turn to him and comment on something Sarah was doing.  I know how much he would have liked the drive, Taos, Bailey and traveling with Sarah.  It was a great trip, but there was still a hole where Jim should have been.

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