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New posting day

Between Sarah’s new school schedule and my yoga classes, I have found it much easier to post on Thursdays.  Sorry it will be so late in the week, but I think it’s better to be late than so irregular.  Thanks for your patience during the past several weeks.

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  1. Catherine Mitchell- Baker
    September 20, 2012 at 4:44 am

    Any day that works for you is good for me ! *Smiles* Hope Sarah is liking school , and you are havin fun with your classes ! I have reciently embarked on a new adventure!! I started work on: Mama B & Grandad’s Anniv: on a book !!! LOL bet you weren’t ready for that ! LOL It is going to be a photo tribute to the beauty found in Tech Terrace. As seen by a resident of over 50 years. And I am going to Dedicate it to Daddy! It is going to be a long road and will take alot of time and patience to get all the legal aspect and releases and such in order , Not to mention hours of walking and 100’s of thousands of photos to sort threw before I am done( LOL have already taken over 600 of just 20th and 21st! ) I am having a ball though! I hope to have it completed and published(Threw a real live publisher to be sold in book stores) on their Anniv. next year! If not then the following yr! I really would like for it to be on that day ya know ! LOL Anyway….LOL Just wanted to let ya know first hand ! Hope to see ya’ll soon ! Love you both BUNCHES ! * Muahhhhh*

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