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Jim now has both of his grandfathers with him

We lost Helen’s dad, Gerald Head, this morning.  He was a wonderful grandfather to me.  He always gave me the most wonderful, crushing hugs.  What we seem to find most comforting is that he is in heaven with Jim.  Jim admired him so much.  I hope they are hunting together…

hands - Jim

I like taking pictures of hands.  No idea why, but I do.  I find the similarities between the picture of Sarah with her daddy and her picture with her great-grandfather to be very sweet.



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  1. jayne field
    January 22, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Beckie, I posted last week. Who knows where it landed.
    This belated heartfelt sympathy to the enitre Head and Morris family. The few times I had the pleasure to be with Mr. Head was enough for me to know what a fine man he was. Of course, I do know so well his family and what a tribute each of you are to him. He has left a great legacy. And I believe Jim and his granddad are laughing and sharing hunting stories and lots of family stories.
    I am so drawn to your capturing the feel of a relationship thru hands. Very well done. Very perceptive of connections of family, friends. You have opened my eyes to this view. I will be more attuned in the future. You and Sarah remove in my heart.

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