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All new In Harmony yoga studio and Yoga at the Falls

June 5, 2013 2 comments

(This is a copy of my yoga blog.  Next time I’ll do an update on Sarah.)

A lot has changed since my last blog entry. I am now a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. I had a wonderful, though exhausting time earning my certification. The teachers at Sana Vida are crazy smart. Thank goodness they were willing to share their knowledge with us. It was all I could do to take enough notes and absorb it all. (I know who is laughing right now. Actually, it might be anyone who has ever taken a class with me…) And I definitely consider myself very lucky to have had such wonderful classmates.

After just a few weeks into teacher training, and my students and I freezing in the gym, I decided to open my own studio at my house (403 E. Bluebonnet Ln., JCTX 78636). As always happens, the remodel of my large, detached garage kept getting bigger and bigger. With only a few hiccups, it is finally about to be finished. We are getting the flooring and floor lamps tomorrow. In Harmony will be completed enough by Wednesday, June 12th, that we will go ahead and hold classes there that day. Yes, I did say classes with an “s.”

Starting Wednesday, Keith Payne of OM Fire Yoga, will teach Power Yoga, at 5:30 pm. every Wednesday. (Power Yoga has more aerobic exercises and strenuous movement than one typically associates with yoga. You will sweat!) Keith is a fellow Sana Vida teacher training graduate, 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and has been kind enough to sub for me in the past. My students really like him, and we will be the 5th yoga studio to have him as a teacher. Please see Keith’s bio on his webpage.

For myself, I will continue teaching Gentle Yoga at 8:30 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, and due to high demand I am now adding Fridays @ 8:30 am. I will also teach a yoga class @ 5:30 pm on Tuesdays, beginning June 18th. Eventually, if there is enough demand, I will add Thursday nights too. The style of yoga taught in the evenings will be determined by my students and their needs. So, I’ll let you know what that turns out to be…

Please Note: Johnson City Does Yoga will now be donation-based.

Johnson City Does Yoga at Pedernales Falls

I was reading an article about hiking and yoga, when it struck me. We have one of the best parks, in the state, down the street from us. So, anyone and everyone are invited to do “Yoga on the Falls,” at Pedernales Falls State Park, Monday, June 10th, at 9:00 am. The focus of this class is to allow you to enjoy doing yoga in a beautiful environment. The class is free in case you have to pay to get into the park. If you have a park pass, might I suggest a donation to this wonderful park…

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Jim now has both of his grandfathers with him

January 15, 2013 1 comment

We lost Helen’s dad, Gerald Head, this morning.  He was a wonderful grandfather to me.  He always gave me the most wonderful, crushing hugs.  What we seem to find most comforting is that he is in heaven with Jim.  Jim admired him so much.  I hope they are hunting together…

hands - Jim

I like taking pictures of hands.  No idea why, but I do.  I find the similarities between the picture of Sarah with her daddy and her picture with her great-grandfather to be very sweet.



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Haven’t been this sick in 20 years.

October 19, 2012 3 comments

I acquired the stomach flu and ended up in the ER on Tuesday night.  The last time I was that sick I had food poisoning in Egypt.  I’m much better now, although still not very hungry and have now completely lost my voice.  (Sarah, thinking it’s a game, whispers back to me.)  Thankfully, the Axtell’s agreed to let Sarah and I spend two nights with them so I had time to become human again. 

I’m still regrouping, and really slow-moving because I get tired so quickly.  Hopefully, next week’s blog can discuss everything I wish I had ready and with me, and how I’m going to be more prepared for another emergency.

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Smile at strangers. They need it.

August 8, 2012 6 comments

“I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile.” – Goldie Hawn

 I finally got the mattress Jim and I were supposed to have picked out last summer.  But, between headaches and appointments, we ran out of time before his surgery.  I decided to explain to Holly, the wonderful salesperson at Mattress Firm, why it was difficult to finally get a new mattress.  If The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, had not been sitting next to my elbow while we were working out the details of the purchase, I might not have said anything.  She was sweet enough to ask me a few questions, and they were the right questions, so I knew she knew too much.  Then, she told me how cancer had affected her family.  That’s when I said, “See?  That’s why you smile at everyone.  You have no idea what they are going through at that very moment.”  Holly agreed.

I don’t know why, but the grocery store is full of… interesting people.  This is the best place to practice smiling.  Plus, the best way to get a smile is to give one first.  It doesn’t need to be much.  Believe me, ever since Jim’s diagnosis, most of my smiles are small and tired, but I mean it.  I have new eyes for people when I’m out.  If I see a tired mom, I’ll compliment her child’s clothes.  If I see a tired dad, I’ll compliment his kid’s personality.  When I see a young lady, I’ll say something nice about her clothes or hair, especially if it’s at the end of the day.  I tend to make agreeable comments about food to people my grandparents’ age in the produce and cereal areas.  And Sarah is and incredible magnet for people their age and my parents’ age.  She’s a natural and wonderful icebreaker for smiles. 

As a matter of a fact, on Saturday night, Mom and Dad took us to the new Whole Foods Market by their house.  After dinner, Mom and I shopped for a few things, while Dad entertained Sarah.  Every time Sarah saw us, she would scream her 3 year-old scream and run the other direction dragging Dad.  We noticed we had at least a few people laughing.  The fish section was the best though.  One guy showed her how crab claws work.  And while a whole dead fish was a little freaky, the fish head on display was apparently really freaky.  So the fish section had lots of smiles that night.

Note: Why this wasn’t posted yesterday.


I pretty much went nuts.  The new bed was delivered, and that went well.  As always, I bodily protected our 100 yr.-old etched glass front door and I think that distracted me.  I had to give the delivery guy a wrench to take the headboard off the old bed frame.  I didn’t realize it was missing until about 30 minutes after they left.  Mega-panic set in.  Jim and I used this wrench for everything.  I called Mattress Firm, who called the warehouse, who called the delivery contractors, who then called the delivery guys.  When I found out there were that many people to go through, more panic set in.  I had to get this wrench back.  Jim used it.  I was praying it was in the delivery guy’s pocket, not wrapped up in the wad of plastic they tore off the bedding and would throw out.  I got Dad involved and he even called the store.  About two hours, and much crying later, I got a phone call from the delivery guy – he had it.  Whew.  He was so apologetic and offered to mail it back to me.  I asked him where he was.  Basically, Dad was closest, so he went and got it from the delivery guy for me.

I could care less if I lost or destroyed anything of mine, but if it has to do with Jim – I can’t handle losing it too.  Items of his are now finite, and irreplaceable.  I knew this but, didn’t fully realize I felt this way until it happened.

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Pink Rock Stars

July 24, 2012 1 comment

“You a pink rock star!  Me a pink rock star!” Sarah yelled at me, even though I wasn’t wearing pink. 

It was after dinner last Thursday, and I was stalling on washing dishes.  I pulled my phone out and started playing songs.  First, the Beach Boys and Kokomo, but we didn’t finish that one.  Then, I played Falco’s Rock me Amadeus.  That’s when she started playing the air guitar.  I told her that her Daddy really liked that song too.  Next, I tried Sting’s Russians, at which Sarah says, “No Mom.  Rock song.”  Ok, kid.  I can do that.  How about Iron Maiden’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner?   Holy cow, she loved it!  Sarah started running all over the kitchen.  She placed my hands up so I could do the air guitar with her.  The song is about 13 minutes long, and she wanted more.  I’m so impressed.  (Nerd Alert – Not only do I like Iron Maiden’s talent, but I really appreciate their references to literature and history.)

Anything shiny makes a good mirror for watching yourself play air guitar.

I was stalling again last night, so I decided to play my “fun” playlist.  Songs like The Chicken Dance (real & German), A Tooty Ta, Following the Leader (I follow her), Splish Splash (to attempt practicing for her 1st dance recital on Friday), Good Morning Starshine (you always need a good hippie song) and so on.  We were definitely having a fun time again.  However, I make have scarred Sarah with the This is Halloween song from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  The first time it played, I followed her around the house stomping and singing the song while she was running away squealing, giggling and yelling, “No, Halloween!”  She really should have her daddy’s legs to hide behind.  The next time it played, I had just gotten her in bed and had started getting ready myself.  She started yelling, “No, Halloween!” again, and I heard her feet hit the floor and come running to me.  I don’t think Sarah was actually scared because she was giggling again.  She probably just wanted to know where I was.  But, just in case, I made sure we both stomped our way back to bed.

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I tried, I really did

July 17, 2012 6 comments

Unfortunately, everything I wrote last week just sounded so bitter.  I have five posts started, and each one sounds awful.  The subjects are good, but it quickly dissolves into yuck.  I don’t want to be this way.  I guess Jim’s and my anniversary, and the anniversary of his surgery, was just too much.

We did have a nice weekend.  Sarah and I went up to McKinney for Mason’s first birthday party.  It was a great dinosaur-themed party.  She got a few things too.  Her favorites are a dinosaur and a palentologist Barbie.  However, I think Sarah really enjoyed Mason’s new toys.  The idea of sharing was often brought up.

Since we were staying right next to the Allen Outlet Mall, we got to shop for a couple hours over the three days we were there.  I think this was the first time Sarah and I have shopped for and tried on clothes together.  She is an awesome shopper.  She was very patient with me.  We only had to have one discussion on leaving the curtain alone while in a dressing room.  Overall, Sarah just kept me laughing.  Imitating me sliding clothes down a rack, telling me what shirt I should try on, picking up all the tags and hanger pieces off the floor – and that was just in my stores.  When Sarah tries on clothes, well, this girl is a poser.  I really should put a gigantic mirror in her room.  And heaven forbid the store play good dance music.  I’m old enough not to care, have no one around to embarrass, so I’m dancing with Sarah too.  We had the employees at Children’s Place laughing at us.  I’ll admit Sarah picked out a very cute dress for the party.  I guess it was the easiest dress to dance in…

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Fins to the Left

July 6, 2012 4 comments

Sharks, Parrotheads and parakeets were marching the streets of Lubbockfor the 4th of July.  Sarah’s great-aunt Anne and great-uncle David invited her to be on the Pirates of the Plains float as a guest “parakeet.”  (In Jimmy Buffet terms, a parakeet is a very young Parrothead.)  Of course, she managed to ride on the shoulders of her great second-cousin John David for most of the parade.  As I write this, she is taking a nap.  It was an early morning, plus it’s a bit hot and windy.  We are relaxing now for round 2; swimming at Mama B’s, then bounce-house/slides and fireworks tonight.

Sarah had fun and didn’t want to get out of the swimming pool.  She’s an absolute fish.  When she went to change into her clothes, she saw an old family picture.  Sarah squealed, “My Daddy here too?!”  I told her that, yes, your Daddy is loved here too. 

I managed to feed her some cheese before she got on the little train at the country club.  After riding that two times in a row, with Helen and Jim’s young neighbor that is Sarah’s age, she found a giant blow-up slide.  She loves slides and she loves bounce-houses, so it was a perfect storm.  Sarah did great the first time, although, she looked shocked on the way down.  The next time I had to yell at the boys telling them that, “we only go down the slide.”  Sorry, but my inner camp counselor kicked in.  Fortunately, Sarah was out of the bounce-house just as the wind blew in (they immediately deflated the houses), along with a bit of dirt and an occasional sprinkle.  It was just bad enough, and we were tired enough, that we left just before the fireworks.  However, Lubbock was lighting up with fireworks the whole drive back to the house.  Sarah was finally saying, “Pink is mine.  I lub (love) it all!”

Last year, the three of us enjoyed the Johnson City Fourth of July parade.  Jim had a bad headache that day, and we knew the heat would make it worse, but he wanted to take Sarah.

The 8th is the anniversary of Jim’s surgery.  The 12th should have been our 15th anniversary.  I’m just putting one foot in front of the other…

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