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This fall’s new priorities

October 11, 2012 Leave a comment

I usually hit the restart button in October.  It always has been a time when I “reshuffle” my priorities.  So, where I can make my (our) life easier, I’m going to.  I’ll be changing more than a few things this fall. 

I think my writing muse has fled the country.  It takes so much longer than it did in the beginning.  Maybe when I’m trapped inside in the middle of winter and middle of summer, I won’t be distracted by as much.  But, now that the weather is nice there are things I need to do outside that take time planning and doing them. 

I also want to focus on Sarah and yoga.  I’m getting involved with her school and have enjoyed the fieldtrips with her class.  This January and February I’ll be working on getting my 200-hr. yoga certification.  Plus, I want to slowly begin teaching private lessons.  I try desperately to not divide myself so thin that I can’t do things well.  The perfectionist in me always goes nuts when that happens.  😉

These are just a few of my “reshuffled” priorities.  I don’t like getting use to our new normal, but I have to and I have to move us forward too. 

Sarah at the Vogel Orchard pumpkin patch today.

Sarah:  Her class visited the Vogel Orchard Pumpkin Patch today.  They are being incredibly generous by taking all the kids on a hay ride and then giving each child at Stonewall Head Start a pie pumpkin to decorate.  The class then received a big pumpkin to carve tomorrow.  Sarah had a blast.  She’s so fun to watch.